The 3-Tier Checklist for Mobile Homes

Manufactured or Mobile Homes, which are factory built, require inspection on certain levels. These inspections assure that they are built in congruence with the criteria set under HUD federal building codes. Mobile homes are inspected at the factory, once they are brought on site during setup, and while they are being installed (just before the move-in of the residents). The exterior, interior, rating, warranties and utilities of the home are checked to make sure that they are up to the mark and safe to be used.

Here is a checklist that you must have and go through before you select a mobile home to buy or move in:


This would include the inspection of roof, railings, paneling and the surroundings of the mobile home. You checklist should include if:

  • The roof has any shingles that are damaged or missing and if the aging has made a marked difference
  • The paneling of the exterior trim are missing
  • There is any water damage
  • The entry and exit doorways and steps are deteriorating
  • The surrounding has anything which may cause damage during high winds; low tree limbs, power line, etc.
  • The home has any extra room or carport that was not in the original floor plan at the time of manufacturing
  • There is any gas tank outside the home which has not been anchored to a concrete foundation


The interior would include several inspections like the walls and roof for discoloration, the floor for any loose or missing tile or wooden panel; even the carpet being worn out. The plumbing should also be on the checklist along with electrical switches, wiring and circuits. Any other hardware or ceramics set up in the home will need to be checked for aging or damage as well.


The above cover much of the important things required to be checked. The utilities like municipal services, electricity and gas lines, and external propane tank will also be liable to inspection. The checklist should also include warranties by previous owners and manufacturers. These inspections ensure that the home is safe to live in and you are being given a fair deal.



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