Manufactured Home Setup & Remodel Cost

    • Home removal- pay to move to mex $1,000-$4000.
    • Bobcat and roadbase- $1.40 sf
    • Home set with piers,pads,jacks and tie down piers $4.25sf
    • Drywall closeup/crack repair- $1 sf
    • Exterior closeup/shingles and siding- $.40 sf
    • Hardie skirting- $15 lf
    • Concrete and forms- $6.50sf
    • Awnings- $6.50-$8.50sf
    • Carpet steps up and over- $1600
    • Trex steps with vinyl rails up and over- $2200
    • Masonry steps with wood rails up and over- $3500
    • Utilities connect- $650
    • Utilities relocate- $2,000-$3000
    • Masonry and stone skirting- $20-$25sf
    • Permits- as charged hcd

Pricing for mobile home remodels  is quoted on an individual basis. Each remodel  has its own unique characteristics and needs to be reviewed in person by our sales staff. We provide free estimates on these projects. Our Regular Price for a Mobile Home inspection is $350 as of 5-9-18. This fee includes a complete interior and exterior inspection, 9 page type written report and photos with description of problematic items with your home. Yes, we crawl under the home and climb on the roof. We inspect for leaks under the home, rusted and fallen piers, dead rodents, damaged insulation and faulty electrical. The roof, we walk strategically back and forth along the entire roof, inspecting all shingles and the structural integrity of the roof. We will take photos of missing shingles, improperly sealed vents, cracked skylights, exposed staples and damaged sheathing. If you would like to see a sample of one of our reports, contact Jerry McKinish. Remodel Pricing: Upon Request