Mobile Home and Manufactured Home Repairs

When you are planning to buy a mobile home or manufactured home, it is Highly recommended that you get a Health and safety Inspection before closing escrow. From the outward appearance, the used mobile home or manufactured home you are buying, may appear perfectly fine. The problem is, what you can’t see.

I have many examples of new home owners that decided not to have an inspection, only to discover shortly after moving in that they need all new plumbing or they need a new roof. These type of repairs can add up to thousands of dollars. To replumb an entire mobile home can cost anywhere form $2500 to $6000 depending on who you ask. A new roof can be just as expensive, if not more. These unseen items are exactly why you want a professional mobile home/ manufactured home inspector to take a look before making that final decision.

So what happens after you received a home inspection and there is a long list of repairs to be made? Who pays for these repairs and how much will the repairs cost? Well, that is exactly why more buyers and sellers choose our manufactured home inspection service over our competition. We include photos of all the repairs required to bring the home up to Title 25 health and safety standards. Next to each photo, we include estimated cost of repairs. These costs are crucial when you are negotiating the final selling price of your home. We are the only mobile home inspector to offer estimated repair costs in our inspection report and this is one reason the mobile home agents continue to use our services.

Once you receive your mobile home inspection report with photos and estimate cost of repairs, where do you find a contractor to do the actual repairs? Once again, that is the advantage of using our company. We are a licensed mobile home specialist who can do all the repairs included in your report. We will do the repairs for the estimated cost that is quoted in your inspection report. Not only can we do the repairs, but many times we can do them before escrow closes. Mobile home sales people request our services again and again, because we are able to perform the inspection and the reports in a timely manner.

An additional value added service that we offer to mobile home buyers, is a complete remodeling quote at no charge.Lets say you are thinking about buying a mobile home, but you want to know how much it will cost to demo and install a whole new kitchen. Maybe you want to remove the carpet and install all new laminate floors. Many times buyers want to drywall over the existing panel walls, add crown molding and recessed lighting. We can offer a free estimate for these items before you make your purchase decision.

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