About our Mobile Home Inspection Process

My name is Jerry McKinish and I am your Manufactured Home Inspector. Our business is a Father son business which has an accumulation of over 30 years in the mobile and manufactured home business. My father started working on mobile homes long ago with his C47 license which allows him to specialize in Mobile home and manufactured home repairs. Not long there after, he also received his B, General Contractors license which allows him to work on single family residences as well. My father and I have worked together in this business since I was old enough to work. We have built some solid relationships with mobile home dealers like Monarch, Advantage, OC Mobile Homes, Wallace homes, Blue Carpet, Sunrise, Strictly Mobiles, Heritage and J&R. Our Manufactured Home Inspection Business has been so successful all these years because we are honest, trustworthy and objective. We approach every manufactured home inspection as if it was our own mother who was buying it.

Our extensive Manufactured Home Inspection takes between an hour and an hour and a half. We start on the outside of the manufactured home by inspecting the siding , the skirting, the windows, driveways, awnings, shed, electrical outlets, lights, utilities, water heater closet, furnace, AC, gutters, downspout, roof, vents, porch, steps and doors. We then enter the home and inspect all plumbing, faucets, drains, outlets, lights, appliances, walls, ceilings, doors, windows, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, electrical panel, showers, baths and flooring materials. When the interior and exterior inspection has been completed, do a crawl space inspection or under carriage inspection. This is when we put on the coveralls and get dirty. When we go under the home we look for damaged bellyboard and insulation, rusted piers, missing piers, cracked piers, improper electrical, plumbing leaks, duct work, dryer vent connection, axles, earthquake bracing, vapor barrier, tie downs and marriage piers.

When your extensive manufactured home inspection is complete, we will email you 20-40 photos of what we discovered. these photos will have complete descriptions of what the problem was and how it relates to Title 25 of the Health and safety code. Within 24-48 hours, we will type an extensive 9 page report which details every little thing I just discussed. Once you have this report in hand, you can enter negotiations with the mobile home seller to see how these repairs will be completed. When all is said and done, $200 is a very small price to pay to have such an extensive and objective analysis of your manufactured home.

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  1. Susan March 13, 2014

    Hello, I appreciate the info you have posted. I am considering purchasing an older mobile home in Largo, Florida. The people in the park tell me they do from two to four bug and termite treatments per year. I will ask for any records that indicate this, but the sales agent said there is no way to tell for sure if there is termite damage without an inspection. The home is a 1981 Commodore, and has been updated, but I have not received any info from them on termite treatment, and they said they have no knowledge of a vapor barrier. Do you know of any inspectors such as yourself in that part of Florida? It is near Tampa, Florida, and in Pinellas County. If so, would you let me know how I can find a reputable inspector? Thank you.

  2. Devi Snyder March 21, 2014


    I am moving into my 1st mobile home int the Buena Villa community on Lincoln in Buena Park. It should be around the 16th of April and it is being fixed up now. 1600 sqft from 1976. I need an inspector before I am rushed in. They say that the inspector comes when everything is done… it sounds so strange not to what is wrong first and then fix.
    I don’t know, please contact me with an answer and a quote.
    Thank you

    • admin March 24, 2014

      Yes, You should inspect the home before escrow closes. Any health and safety should be fixed before escrow closes as well. Out fee is $200. and we are generally available with 48 hours to do the inspection.



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