Reasons Not to Buy Old Manufactured Homes Constructed Prior to 1976

Once you have decided to move into budget-friendly, used manufactured homes, you need to make another intimidating decision – actually buying a manufactured home. Choosing the best home for your family should be a priority. Manufactured homes that are very old sell at discounted rates. While this may seem like an enticing and viable option, yet the houses built prior to 1976 did not follow any particular standards. It was only until 1976 that the US Department of Housing and Urban Development set safety standards for these factory built homes. The quality of manufactured homes improved after this standardization and its consequent update in 1994. Here are some of the reasons why old mobile homes are a serious problem:

  1. Minimal Insulation – Increased Energy Bills

Manufactured homes built prior to the eighties consumed almost 53% more energy than other homes [Source: Environmental and Energy Study Institute]. Because of minimal insulation, heating and cooling escaped easily from unsealed doors and windows. The energy bills would consume more than half of the salary of low income households. Mobile homes predating 1976 are in such a deplorable state that even modern energy conservations will not work on them.

  1. Not Good For Resale

Even if you manage to grasp a good deal, spend thousands of dollars on remodeling, still the old manufactured homes built prior to 1976 will not be worthwhile from the resale perspective. Sure, it might be livable and comfortable, but there is no overpowering depreciation.

If you are buying an old mobile home, it is extremely important that you carry out an in inspection done by Manufactured Home Inspection in Orange County, California to ensure that you are landing a worthy deal.




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